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Navigation courses

All Mobile Adventure navigation courses are delivered by experienced Mountain Leader Award holders, and the course content is derived from the Mountain Leader Training Board syllabuses, which ensures that our courses achieve an extremely high standard.

Mountain navigation is an often-overlooked skill. Confident navigation by map and compass is a skill that will prove essential at some point in any mountaineer's or fell walker's time on the hill. GPS navigation aids use batteries, and are often rendered unusable in extreme conditions. We will teach you the skills necessary to navigate yourself to where you want to be, whether it is the top of a mountain, back to your tent or the local pub! Our courses begin with the basics of map orientation and compass use, before progressing on to more complex skills such as contour interpretation, timing and pacing.

Mobile Adventure offers practical and theoretical instruction on using an Ordnance Survey map [the type most widely available] and compass, and how to interpret the landscape around you. Even in the most appalling mountain conditions, our courses will equip you to pinpoint where you are, and plan a safe route out.

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the course, we only operate in very small teams [max of 4 clients per instructor] and offer three different levels of course:-

An Introduction to Navigation Course for those who have never navigated before.

An Intermediate Navigation Course for those who would like to learn how to navigate away from paths and tracks.

An Advanced Navigation Course for those who wish to navigate in any area and in bad weather.

What to expect

Our courses are tailored to meet the abilities of each individual to enable them to gain the most out of course.

Any of these courses are a great way to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Lake District, whilst learning some vital mountaineering skills, which will definitely enhance your future walking experiences.

Over the duration of the course we expect to climb some of the classic mountain peaks like Scafell, the Langdale Pikes and Helvellyn, whilst also visiting some less well trodden paths and peaks.

A must for mountaineers, scramblers, aspirant mountain leaders and walking group leaders who wish to improve or learn from scratch.