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BCU UKCC 3 Star Award Syllabus

Successful performance at BCU Three Star level indicates that a candidate can consider themselves an intermediate paddler rather than a beginner.

Successful performance at this level indicates that the paddler can consider themselver an intermediate kayaker, as they can now paddle on moving waters. They can do this in a competent manner as part of a led group and have the knowledge and ability to help the smooth running of the trip.


Able to swim.

Evidence of having paddled on grade 2 water

Part A - Personal Paddling Skills

A.1 Life, carry and launching / landing

A.2 Efficient forward paddling

A.3 Reverse over a figure of 8 course

A.4 Moving sideways, both static and on the move

A.5 Supporting, both static and on the move

A.6 Rolling

A.7 Breaking in and out

A.8 Ferry gliding

Part B - Rescure Skills

B.1 Deep water rescue

B.2 Towing and use of towing aid

B.3 Eskimo Rescu

B.4 Throw Line

Part C Safety, Leadership & Group Skills

C.1 Personal risk management

C.2 Awareness of others

C.3 Paddle a section of grade 2 water as part of a led group

Part D - Theory

D.1 Equipment

D.2 Safety

D.3 Weather

D.4 Hypothermia / First Aid

D.5 Access

D.6 Environment

D.7 Planning

D.8 Group Awareness

D.9 General

D.10 Navigation

D.11 Etiquette

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Kayak and Canoe

The new BCU UKCC endorsed courses are a combined canoe AND kayak award at the 1 and 2 star level. After this, you specialise in your prefered type of craft for the 3,4 and 5 Star Awards.

The BCU (British Canoe Union) is the governing body for canoeing and kayaking and as such issue the nationally recognised qualifications in these disciplines. The star awards range from one to five and are prerequisites for anybody interested in the BCU coaching courses.